The Unique (Little Known) Live Your T-Shirt: Brain Wave Synergy Method That Is The New Secret Weapon Of The Ultra Successful That Was Used By An Underground Group Of Ancient Mystics To Achieve Almost Anything You Can Dream Of!”

Are You Ready

To Have…

The Life You Want, The Relationships You Want, The Wealth You Want, The Family You Want, The Energy You Want, The Health You Want,

Is Going To Be Driven By The Brain That You Build.

Freedom Is Just One Brain

Wave Away

You're Going To Walk Away Knowing With Absolute Certentiy... How To

Reach Your Highest Human Potential and How To Apply It Towards Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Spiritual, Peak Performance

(whatever area of life you want to excel, this will work for you 100%)

Take The Self

Evaluation Test

Please Remember All The Questions Where You Answer NO!

  • Do you know why your brain wave patterns will cost you a tremendous amount of energy?
  • Do you know how to make yourself feel limitless and invincible all day long?
  • Do you know why every person has negative energy stuck in their body and what to do about it?
  • Do you know why many people leave themselves with very little energy inside their world of thoughts and emotions to actually create a better reality?

Please Remember All The Questions Where You Answer YES!

  • “Am I making less money than I was this time last year?”
  • “Am I experiencing stress, frustration, chaos, and anxiety…and I can’t have 24 hours of pure bliss?”
  • “Are my thoughts all messed up and I find myself living in the past or predicting a stressful future?”
  • “Am I experiencing a lack of motivation on important items that I’ve been trying to get done for days?”
  • “Are my daily energy levels so sporadic and I refuse to take the necessary action to increase my life longevity?”
  • “Am I happy for 4 hours, angry for 2 hours, fearful for 3 hours, full of anxiety for 1.5 hours, peaceful for 15 minutes and depressed till the next day?”
  • "Am I playing so small in life and refusing to take the necessary action to reach my highest human potential?”

If You Have Answered NO or YES To Any Of The Questions, Then We Want To Invite You To Join The Live Your T-Shirt 90 Day Challenge And Change Your Life Forever!

You might be thinking… this sounds

too good to be true”!... We get it... We 100% do.

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision…?



In this 3 step video training Brain Wave

Synergy Secrets I will reveal:

In Video 1: You’ll learn about the disempowering programs running in your

subconscious mind and if you don’t change them, you will always revert back

to your old behaviors and never achieve the things you want.

In video 2: You’ll learn the secret to gaining power, mastering your emotions, and to achieve the exact life you want.

This can only be done from living your life in a strong balance of the right brain waves. Understand... the majority of society lives in beta and high beta brain waves where

goals, dreams, and sustainable transformation is simply unattainable.

Full CONTROL and POWER will now be yours for the taking!!

In video 3: You’ll learn how you're draining your energy with negative emotions, your brain and past conditioning and how to change it quickly! You'll learn How your negative emotions and energy are conditioned inside your body....and if you leave yourself with very little energy within your thoughts and emotions, it's impossible to create a better reality. Your energy will determine where your success shows...PERIOD!

We've now shown you:

- Why mastering the subconscious mind and your brain waves is a skill set

- What’s causing the challenges in your life and how to solve them

- The solution for reaching your highest human potential and living your best life

We'll further show you how to create the energy

you need in order to produce

SUPERHUMAN POTENTIAL, plus how to use the

Brain Wave Synergy tools and strategies in REAL-LIFE situations!

Self Evaluation


Answer these questions to find out how mentally strong you really are!

Do you:

...stay in uplifting emotions such as gratitude, compassion, joy, appreciation, happiness, motivation, on most days?

...understand how to change your brain waves, to access your most powerful operating system: the subconscious mind? on changing your automatic conditioned behaviors (most people spend their lives unconsciously living in the same routines) on a daily basis? most of your days free from stress, depression, frustration, impatience, unhappiness, anger, worry, unworthiness, feeling overwhelm life each day simple loving life for no reason (most people must wait for an outer event for this)?

...wake up in the morning and see yourself having the best day of your life (most people wake up thinking about problems of the past)?

...consciously direct your thoughts each day and consistently see the best?

...set clear intentions daily. Can you mentally see yourself as already having achieved this?

Have you:

...mastered living your days in the present moment. (most people are thinking about problems, living in the past, forecasting future worst situations)?

Are your:, wealth, relationships, and spiritual life exactly where you want them to be?

...days spent conditioning yourself for a new future and letting go of a familiar past?

Is your:

...belief system so strong you feel invincible and you can achieve anything?

...happiness at an all time high?

...body in the best shape of your life?

So, if you have mastered this. Congratulations!!! You’re a MYSTIC.

If you have not, think of this training as UPGRADING your brain.

So, Here Is Why

The Challenge Is 90 Days

Scientific research shows that it's only after 90 to 140 days of practise that a new behavior becomes firmly wired in your subconcious mind.

Do you believe that you can transform your life in just one month?

Or do you think “Shane, your nuts, that is ridiculous.”

The Question Becomes... Is That All

Your Life Is Worth?

If your life is really that important to you, then it's extremely important to allocate a certain amount of time and energy to it. Even if you believe you can become wealthier, have better health and live a stress-free life full of joy and bliss, if your mind is poorly conditioned to the same thinking and feeling loop or running the same disempowering unconscious programs, your chances of achieving more ain’t gonna happen!

This Simply WORKS. Whenever A Person Shows Up Committed to IMPLEMENT the Live Your T-Shirt Way and FOLLOWS the Program Required they ACHIEVE the Results They Desire.

Your negative emotions and energy are conditioned inside your body....and if you leave yourself with very little energy within your thoughts and emotions, it's impossible to create a better reality.

Your energy will determine where your success shows...PERIOD!

But for real...

This doesn’t come for free, and requires you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF trusting a process proven by hundreds of people before you.

Here’s Just a Small Portion

of Them…

Being the first and only female scout in the NBA, plus being a sportscaster in a man's world, there's a lot

of negativity and stress you have to deal with

Achieving much career success while obtaining 5 NBA championship rings, Bonnie Jill still found herself falling into depression, thinking negatively and falling into deep level mental funk. The Live Your T-Shirt program has not only helped her get her two jobs back on TV, but has also given her a positive mindset and a feeling of being unstoppable. No form of therapy has ever been able to provide this level of success.

I can’t tell you how it’s changed

my life in so many different areas

With years of letting other people control her energy while having no idea how to protect it, Janet found herself stressed and powerless with negative thoughts running wild in her mind daily.

I was feeling stuck and very complacent in life

Carolyn had limited knowledge on how the brain operates and she's now armed with the tools on how to move brain waves while maximizing her human brain potential. Carolyn made Live Your T-Shirt her priority and can easily catch when old negative patterns come up, plus quickly change emotions to live a more powerful life.

" I loved to learn how to sync your thinking

to what you're wearing with the

compassion t-shirt part of the program "

Spencer learned the ritual of slowing down his mind while mastering the concept of brain waves. He also mastered catching his negative thoughts to conserve his energy in order to expand his life into every area of greatness.

" Already being a professional golfer,

my mental state is most important and it

was something I struggled with "

Live Your T-Shirt gave Carter the tools in order to overcome negative self talk, plus the struggles with his inner self and inner mind. Learning to switch brain waves was one of the most powerful parts of the program for Carter, where today his golf game has greatly improved in all mental areas of his game.

I live in a city of hustle and bustle

where I'm always go go go. I needed to desperately change this ''

Deanna came to Live Your T-Shirt already being a very successful business owner. Not only was she able to implement the tools of leading with love, compassion, plus gratitude to become a better leader, she further incorporated all program meditations and chants that made a huge difference in both her business and family life.

" I was often reacting to internal stimuli that

wasn't healthy for me

Live Your T-Shirt gave Jason the ability to be much more in charge of his actions, his emotions, and his thoughts. Instead of just letting his emotional thoughts control him, Jason now uses the program tools to excel in both his personal life and his own successful coaching business.

"My brain used to dwell and think about the negative stuff consistently"

As a very successful Doctor, Heathers' been able to use the Live Your T-Shirt program to fulfill both her personal life and business goals. She's now able to catch her brain thoughts when a negative thought pattern arises, to then confidently change to a more positive thought pattern.

" I have struggled with negative

self-talk, lack of belief in myself, and lacking overall confidence "

The tools I obtained from the Live Your T-Shirt program were incredibly game changing. So game changing, that not only did my 25 year old son learn the program alongside me, but we now have the best father son relationship ever because of the effective subconscious reprogramming we both acquired. I personally now have become unstuck in life for the first time ever while having full control of my emotions."

" I have been in personal development for

a long time and never thought this program

could teach me anything new "

The effective program tools Kenny learned from the Live Your T-shirt program allowed him to break free of his smoking habit that's been with him for several years. The new found energy Kenny now has is simply amazing and making a world of difference in his life.

" When I started the program training, I was going through a betrayal of a close business colleague and was constantly living my days in bad emotions while getting farther away from my business goals"

The Live Your T-shirt program allowed Matt to hit his first $10,000 a month in business. He was able to do that for two more consecutive months plus has further been able to master his emotions and stay in the highest level of brain waves allowing his business goals to be achieved.

" I questioned myself all the time and never knew how to get more out of life or how to bring out the best version of myself. I came to the right place when I found the Live Your T-Shirt program "

Faced with challenges since birth, Bence was further conditioned with negative behavior patterns that made him become anxious his whole life. The Live Your T-Shirt program not only allowed him to recondition these old negative thoughts patterns but also allowed him to be a calmer person who's in full control of his emotions. The program changed his life to the point where he's now become the positive and assertive person he's always wanted to become.

This Is Your Chance To

Join The Ranks Of

Countless People Who Have

Taken This Challenge

Are You READY to Be NEXT?

We don’t say this often.

It would be sad for you to ignore the importance of this change you need to make.

Most people are busy living their lives. They are completely unaware of the unconscious programs running on repeat in their head.

In most cases, for most people (there are a few exceptions), they will never reach even 45% of their human potential.

“Shane! That’s so discouraging! How can you say something so horrible?” Relax. It’s just a way of looking at the truth. It’s a way to help you break free from the conditioning of your past.

"According to neuroscientist Bruce Lipton

the unconscious mind makes

up 95% of who you are"

Here’s the Harsh Reality: 95% of your day is not visible to you, which means you keep sabotaging yourself and no one is coming to Save You.


Fact: Your brain is a cesspool filled with 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts are evil and negative and are waiting to infect your body with a vast number of negative things like cancer, fear, stress, hatred, anxiety and a lot more.

Don’t overlook this.

Did you know that 95% of your thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before?

And those invisible thoughts can cause a myriad of negative emotions, including feelings such as frustration, depression, demotivation, fear, anxiety, anger, hate, unworthiness, and many more.

These same thoughts lead to the same behaviors each day, which lead to the same outcomes.

The fact is, you can blame your unconscious programming for any unwanted habits and many of your goals and dreams not being achieved.

Could it be that we’re actually assisting our conscious

mind in our very own psychological demise?

No Hidden Agenda. No Forced Auto-Subscription. No Lies.

Here’s What You Obtain When You Grab Your Spot Inside The Unmatched


Investment of Just $1000 $297 In YOU and Your

Hidden Human Potential TODAY!

Live your t-shirt will help you overcome challenges such as:

...being triggered in your close and important relationships: spouses, friends, co-workers and kids

...impatience in traffic

...the aesthetic and functional state of your physical body

...the level of conflicts with others that occur

...the ability to be patient when those around you are stressed to the max

...feeling stuck in your ability to achieve your goals

...increasing your financial ability and acumen

...embracing the aging process with zest

...dissenting opinions and out looks from those around you

...ensuring your ideal life becomes reality

...elevated parenting of your children

...managing your daily challenges

…and daily annoyances

PRESENTING: “Presenting the easiest system ever developed to maximize human potential"

Let Me Breakdown All The Life Changing Stuff You’ll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!

The First thing You’ll Get Access to Is The… Live Your T-Shirt: Brain Wave Synergy 90 Day Challenge…

Led by Trainer Shane Jeremy James and The Live Your T-Shirt team, this challenge is designed to help you upgrade the brain, master your emotions and access your highest human potential in just 90 days…

Experience 6 powerful phases, where each one produces incredible momentum towards the mission of helping you rise. By producing 6x your personal power deep within your mind, heart, body, and spirit, a lasting legacy will be proudly achieved.

Propel Phase

In the propel phase you'll understand and begin to establish your brain waves as the foundation that drives every thought, emotion and result in your life. While mastering your negative thoughts, you'll start to think, act and feel completely different. Additionally you'll unlearn your automatic and conditioned habits that are currently hardwired in your mind.

- Access to the subconscious mind and begin the reprogramming process

- Using simple methods, you’ll learn to break daily conditioned patterns/habits and stay focused

- Create new neural connections

- Learn techniques on how to access different brain waves: Alpha, Theta, and Gamma.

Flourish Phase

In the flourish phase you’ll be conditioning your body to experience new emotional feelings in order to create deep level transformation and motivation. This is where greatness is going to start happening for you.

- Begin to reprogram same negative emotions you’re physically addicted to such as: stress, guilt, impatience, overwhelm, self-doubt, depression

- Gain awareness and understanding of uplifting, positive emotions which leads to things such as: achieving goals, dreams, happiness, bliss and joy.

Momentum Phase

In the momentum phase you'll begin to notice that you are becoming a brand new you. Here is where you get to experience your brain's full potential. This is your first step to become superhuman. You'll learn to use your heart to control your emotional energy, this will have you experiencing your life in a completely new way. When you’re done with this phase, you’ll never judge yourself or anyone again.

- Learn to synchronize the brain and heart at 0.1hz as you move into Alpha and Gamma brain waves

- You’ll learn to use what scientists have termed the “little brain”. This is physically located in the heart. Once unlocked this is used to achieve peak performance, create confidence and a belief system that’s unstoppable

- Begin to experience pure consciousness, this is actually where true and permanent transformation happens

Velocity Phase

In the velocity phase the people around you'll start noticing changes in you. After completion of this stage, you can proudly say you’re in the top 5% of the most conscious people in the entire world. The previous weeks have been preparing you for this phase.

- Experiencing states of joy, bliss, and happiness now become the norm

- Introduction to the unified field and energy practices

- You'll learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to access energy

- Start to consistently slow your brain waves down and put an end to living in high beta. With the understanding that beta brain waves are where most humans live and transformation or goals will not be achieved

- Bring your goals and dreams to you much faster using the tools and practices

- Understand the big picture

- Completely eliminate unnecessary stress (which is all stress)

Infinite Phase

At the infinite phase you have moved into a state of “being”. You have become your teachings, and you’re living it. Gain access to our most powerful tools and practices and apply the teachings from past weeks.

Using everything you’ve learned until this point will now create a frequency and vibration in both your mind & body which will advance you into the highest level of transformation, thus entering into the most powerful brain waves.

- Change your brain waves to establish the right frequency to overcome illness and disease in your body

- Start to master the 528hz frequency to build a more coherent brain-body connection.

- Access to our secret tool: most people can’t even move into theta brian wave in meditation, but with this unique method, you can surpass what might have taken you years to do in meditation…….

“For me personally, this method is the one I’ve gotten the most results from. When you're using this method, you won’t bring up past memories or think about what you have to do tomorrow. This allows for deep access to the subconscious mind.” - Shane Jeremy James

Destiny Phase

The destiny phase is where it all comes together and you'll solidify the brand new version of yourself. You’ll now have established the personal power to achieve anything and overcome any challenges. You’ll be living in a different energy, feeling different feelings and be living in your most powerfully productive brain waves. What happens in the outside world will not affect your inner world.

Get the NEW Daily Discipline Digital Workbook for each week that will guide you throughout each phase in order to keep you on track.

Get 30 hours of additional video training that Shane has already completed with the last 2 group Zoom call sessions. These calls coordinate with each program phase and with each week of the program.

Get this amazing Actions Of Compassion T-shirt absolutely free when you join Live Your T-shirt: Brain Wave Synergy 90 day program

We are the world’s first company that uses T-shirts to sync what you're thinking to what you're wearing in order to change brain waves. You'll truly Live Your T-Shirt. Our unique meditation is designed to be listened to while wearing your t-shirt in order to enter the most powerful of brain waves to make you feel unstoppable.

When you join the Live Your T-Shirt 90-day Challenge: Brain Wave Synergy Master Class, you get 90 days of proven program solutions inside the private member site. The Live Your T-Shirt Challenge is a program for the full 90 day duration. You'll have full time access to all curriculum that includes video training and our workbook tracking system.

Training classes themselves are pre-recorded, so no parts of the program will ever be missed and can easily work into the convenience of your busy schedule.

Get These Amazing Bonuses…

When You Join the Live

Your " T-Shirt Challenge "


Bonus #1:

The Subconscious Reprogramming

Audio System:

Sleep Nation, Morning Nation, Shower Nation, Exercise Nation, Positive Future Nation

Shane Jeremy James

The most powerful audios to reprogram the subconscious mind. The subconscious reprogramming system helps you bypass the conscious mind barrier and install positive thoughts directly into your subconscious mind, while further installing new and more empowering programs. A 5 audio system that includes: sleep nation, morning nation, shower nation, exercise nation, and positive future nation.

Bonus #2:

Brain Wave Boost Audio


Enhance Your Brain Power With Binaural Beats

A 6 audio system designed with binaural beats; a brain wave technologically designed to put your brain in a different activity state that's different from your traditional meditative methods. This system helps you train your brain to move into different brain waves that will greatly enhance your brain power, focus, personal growth, relaxation, anxiety reduction, memory strength, sleep, and your spiritual practise. You'll also think clearer, have a more creative mind, have higher intuition, while training your brain to move into the highest form of consciousness. Your brain wave patterns are connected to your thoughts, emotions, mood, and much of what happens in your life, so this key audio system will now teach your brain to become whole and function together.

Bonus #3:

The Healthy Energy


Obtain The Highest Level Of Energy Daily

Shane Jeremy James

This system multiplies many ways to help you obtain high level energy in order to perform at an optimal level on a consistent basis. The system also includes a multitude of incredibly valuable tools such as; the 90 day cold shower challenge, mastering mental energy, tapping, moving energy in your body, and correct supplement selection. A coordinating audio with each system tool is provided, along with mini workbooks to keep your progress on track.

Bonus #4:

Complete Health Audio


Practical Tools & Quality Information Proven To Help Your Overall Health

Shane Jeremy James

This system includes 6 audios that will take you on a journey to complete health. Learn all about natural health products, a full nutrition plan of the healthiest foods across the world, maximizing your energy, having better relationships, longevity from the longest living people in the world, plus so much more.

These Bonuses Are ALL Inside The Live Your T-Shirt Challenge…

You’ll Get Instant Access To The Bonuses The Minute You Join

The ‘Live Your T-Shirt Challenge!

Is There A Guarantee??

Of course…

If for some strange reason you don’t feel Live Your T-Shirt is for you then you simply email our support team within 30 days and receive a full refund. We just asked to return the shirt in the same condition as received.

The length of this weekly structured program is 90 days

As it takes a minimum of 90 days to consciously reprogram your subconscious mind and habits. The program is strategically designed for realistic and sustainable positive change.

We release a different "chapter" of each phase weekly. Typical and conditioned human behavior is wanting to obtain all of the information at once, as humans we are impatient to a fault.

It is important to remember that in order to understand the more advanced content found in the latter half of the course, you will need to implement the teachings found in the first part of the course. This is necessary to achieve actual transformation.

Get excited knowing that you'll be accessing and controlling your brain waves. With awareness you will stay in them more often and achieve great things. Key disciplined focus on your weekly training will provide the desired results you're looking to achieve and will further maximize your results within the program.

" Here’s A Recap Of Everything

You’ll Get "

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Live Your T-Shirt Challenge 90 Days Of Video training From Shane Jeremy James ($1497 Value)

30 hours of additional video training Shane had done with the last 2 groups via zoom ($997 Value)

The NEW Digital Workbook for each week that guides throughout each phase in order to stay on track ($347 Value)

The Subconscious Reprogramming System ($347)

Brain Wave Boost System ($297)

The Healthy Energy System ($297)

Complete Health Course ($297)

Lifetime Access To Live Your T-Shirt Challenge Facebook Group: $97

Total $4176

Join The Live Your T-Shirt: Brain Wave Synergy

Challenge For Just $297 Today!

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